Welcome to the Powell Aquatic Center

Frequently Asked Questions

When is concessions open?

Saturday and Sunday 12:30-4:30

During the summer:

Monday - Friday 11:30-4:30

School year:

Early release Fridays 1:30-4:30

No school days 11:30-4:30

Does the Powell Aquatic Center have a Facebook page?

Yes! Join us on for latest  information, ask questions or share your experiences.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we do have lockers available but they

do not have locks. We do have a few locks that

can be rented by the day. There is no cost

for the lock rental if you have an annual

or 6 month membership. There is a $1 rental fee

for those purchasing a day pass or using a punch


Anyone renting a lock will need to trade

something that will be returned when the lock

is returned.


When is open swimming?

Open swim is any time the facility is open

to the public (M-F 5:30am-8pm, Sat & Sun

12-5). We are closed to the public

for swim meets, check or home page

for information on any upcoming meets.

Is there always lap lanes available to the public?

Yes, there is at least 2 lanes available to the public

during scheduled swim practices. The only time there

is not lanes available is when there is a swim meet.

Can you rent a lap lane?

Yes! The cost to rent a lap lane is $18 per hour.

When you have the lane rented you will still need to

pay the daily admission or use your punch pass, but you

will have a reserved lap lane for you or a group.

For more information contact us at 754-0639.

Can you rent the facility outside of regular pool hours?

Yes! For more information on prices please

contact us at 754-0639.

Does the Powell Aquatic Center sell swim suits?

Yes we do! At our Pro Shop we sell swim suits,

goggles, swim caps, ear plugs, nose plugs,

and swim diapers. We also sell pad locks.

Can I have my Birthday Party at the pool?

           Yes you can! We have 2 party options to choose from:
            Silver  - $60 - 10 swimmers & 2 hour use of party room

            Gold  -  $80 - 10 swimmers, nachos, 2 pitchers of soda

                               and use of party room for 2 hours

Why are snorkel mask goggles not permitted?

             Some snorkel mask goggles are made of tempered glass, and we

             have unfortunately had several incidents where they have broken

             and the glass got into the pool requiring us to drain the pool.

             We had previously posted signs banning the use tempered glass

             snorkel mask goggles, but they were still brought into the facility

             so we have made a ban on all snorkel mask goggles as of 6/24/2022.


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